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collect, and how we use that information to provide a better web experience for all who visit our site.
By accessing the site, and using any of the online features, you agree to all the details described in this Policy. If you do not agree with
any area mentioned in this Policy, please do not use

Information We Collect Online collects navigational information about what pages and products our visitors click to during their web visit. This
information allows us to see which areas of our website are most visited. This will better help us improve our online presentation, which
will mean a better online experience for you.
We also collect non-personally identifiable information (including IP address, browser version, and operating system) is collected which
will provide information about the general use of our web site. While the information is not personally identifiable, it may be possible to
determine from the IP address your Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of your point of connectivity.

Personal Information
Purchasing From
If you purchase through, we will gather your business information (email address, billing & shipping information),
payment information (credit card or payment means) as well as information about the products you purchased.

How Teamoutfitstore Uses Information Collected
Teamoutfitstore uses the information you provide us to deliver a better online experience whenever you visit

Purchase and Account Information
Teamoutfitstore uses your account information (account number, business name, contact information, password and password hint), and
payment information (payment terms, payment methods, rebates and discounts, online purchases and online hold orders) to provide a
"Your Account" section that will allow you to manage your account online.
In addition, your account information, payment information, shipping and billing information collected will be used to improve your
checkout experience and to deliver online and email order confirmations.

Email Addresses
Your email address, and personal information connected to that email address, collected throughout Teamoutfitstore may also be used
for Teamoutfitstore  marketing (including the mailing of the Teamoutfitstore Catalog). If you do not wish to receive additional
Teamoutfitstore  marketing material via email, please email and include "Remove me from email" in the subject
line. We will remove you from our email marketing list. Please be aware that even wishing to be removed from our email marketing list will
not remove you from all further email communications. Teamwork will still email you order confirmations, tracking links, password updates
and other account details.

Information We Share With Third Parties
Teamoutfitstore does not sell, rent or share in anyway your email address or other personal information to unrelated third parties.

Teamoutfitstore uses cookies to track your activity on our site. Cookies are an alphanumeric identifier that typically gets stored on your
hard drive to collect information. We then use this information to evaluate our website, analyze trends and provide a more personal web
experience. In addition, uses cookies to keep track of items placed into your shopping cart, and to keep track of
your online activities on our web site.

Updates to Privacy Policy
From time to time Teamoutfitstore may update this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you bookmark this page and periodically come
back to review this page for changes and additions.

Teamoutfitstore Security Statement
Teamoutfitstore' website is designed to provide the highest levels of security to keep your data safe. While we have taken every effort in
our control to keep your personal data safe, please be aware that 100% security is not always possible.

Questions/Contact Us
If you have any questions, comments or issues with our Privacy Policy, please email us:

2398 W.Canopy Ln
Anaheim, CA 92801